Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warren Tales Around the World

As I clumsily plod my way through the ins and outs of starting a small company, I find myself getting an unintentional crash course on a business approach to the internet, also. While I enjoy claiming that I "don't need" the internet (no matter how much time I dedicate to my meticulously organized Pinterest account, or the sincere and loving, yet tragically lackluster effort I make to keep up with friends and family I no longer have the pleasure of sharing a town with), I also don't need the headache that comes with trying to figure everything out on your own. For example, spreadsheets typically make me nauseous. Solution: a web-based data analysis program. 

And so, my favourite new "business" tool has been Google Analytics. This incredibly useful program provides me with reports on site traffic, visitation lengths, and a whole bushel of other such practical information like search term referrals. Rather than focusing on how to best use this wealth of information to do something practical, like boost visitation, however, I seem to be overwhelmingly taken with one, seemingly trivial report: Map Overlay.

This report gives me the geographic location of the blog's visitors, down to the city (it's all a little less creepy than it sounds, but when you actually think about it, probably not that much really is pretty weird). But more important than any 1984 grumblings one tends to feels about the collection of this information, is the absolute joy I receive each time I get the chance to see where followers and supporters of Warren Tales come from.

I can't adequately express my appreciation for everyone who has supported me in my efforts to bring this passion for paper to life, but hopefully an earnest thank you will be a good enough start.

Thank you.

Clearly, Warren Tales has been getting a lot of love, and it's my pleasure to bring it on back to you with a new line of location cards. All cards are hand-stitched and feature a colourful X-marks-the-spot over your humble abode, as well as a typed caption, below. These folded cards measure 3 1/2" x 4 7/8" and come with a corresponding kraft envelope. Cards are typically made on superfine soft white stock (with the exception of an island, for which I would be very tickled to make a splash with pool blue--da dum chee!), but state/country and border colours vary. Cards cost $5 each, or $12 for 3 (not including shipping), and orders will be processed as a reserved purchase through Etsy. Contact me at with any questions and requests, and let's get some snails in the mail!

BUT there's a catch! I will only make cards for cities that appear on my darling Map, and I will only take orders through (this is a blog-o-love exclusive, so only the purchase transaction itself will go through Etsy). This won't be any problem if you are interested in the city you are currently reading this in, but if you want to send something sweet to a friend or loved one across the state, country, or globe; or are daydreaming of a favourite getaway, then you're going to have to spread the word! 

For the most up-to-date list of places where wonderful people live, and cities that are thus eligible for these customized cards, check out the "Credit Where Credit is Due" sidebar to the right.

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