Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ped-Antic at the Art House Co-op

Warren Tales will be participating in The Chronicle Project with the Art House Coop!

The Chronicle Project challenges artists to document a single day in their lives and share it with the community. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. Or 86,400 seconds — to keep track of something specific, like every sound you hear, or attempt to capture your overall impression of a day. The resulting chronicles will be exhibited in the Brooklyn Art Library and collapse 1,000 unique days into one.

Lately, I've been on something of a walking-bender, and I wanted to incorporate that into my project. Basically, I bought myself a pedometer for my birthday, last year, out of curiosity to see how many miles I naturally clock, and my questionably-obsessive chronically has revealed over 140 miles in the last month! Crazy (clinically so, you might even say). So for my chronicle, I broke down a 24-hour period into steps and miles, over six panels: Getting ready; Morning commute; Work day; Evening commute; Hobbies & fun; and Bed.

Once I had lived out my day and taken notes on all the various things I saw and did, I illustrated the panels with a representative image for each segment. In order to express a sense of connected ongoingness--and in a way that embodies the style of Warren Tales--I sewed these images into resized upcycled card with a single, 6 yard length of embroidery thread. Each image/panel is connected by this thread, as was my day by my steps.

The project used zero knots and, again, only 1 continuous piece of thread (with a length left at each end to symbolize the day before and after this one). The panels feature images of dressers/doors; an approaching train; a desk/computer; a crowded subway car; a pencil and paper (for my writing group that I participated in that night); and a bed.

By making small divots, rather than back stitching, it allowed a cleaner, more continuous line, and resulted in an almost braille-like raised pattern on the back of each card. And within this pattern I added some illustrated footsteps to help get the message across, along side the number of steps and the mileage up to that point in the day: Getting ready 381 steps, 0.18 miles; Morning commute 1273st, 0.62mi; Work day 4430st, 2.16mi; Evening commute 5454st, 2.64mi; Hobbies & fun 13015st, 6.36mi; and Bed 13100st, 6.4mi.

Finally, the extra leads on either end allow the whole kip and kaboodle to fold up and tie together flat! And so, fun and pretty project, I call thee "Ped-Antic". . . get it? Teehee

Thank you Art House, see you again this Fall for the 2013 Sketchbook Project!

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  1. Wow. Just WOW! Who knew Warren was so handy with embroidery and cardboard. It turned out beautifully and is SURE to be a hit, my friend :)