Thursday, December 22, 2011

As Baby Steps Approach A Mile Stone

In human life terms, Warren Tales can now take a few steps and address it's parents in two-syllable, repetitive phrases. In business terms, it can design, peak the interest and respect of a growing support base, and sell original and affordable custom products.

This month of December marks the first birthday of Warren Tales, and so--following the traditional gift cycle of (albeit wedding) anniversaries--I bring you paper!

(No change there of course, but it was a lovely coincidence.)

Being a very busy month for production and gift-giving, Warren Tales has been working through many-a-night over the last few weeks in order to get everything done: from a coworker Christmas, to cards, to orders, to food, and to family. So look out for brown paper packages tied up with the melodies of Julie Andrews in the coming days, because Warren Tales is coming to town, and celebrating a beautiful first year by giving something back to those who have inspired me the most.

Thank you, always, to the wonderful people who support small and/or local businesses, snail mail, and Warren Tales, all at once.

And so, I eat a minced pie in celebration, and continue to burn the midnight power-cable. . .

Stay tuned for next week's "The Christmas Bunny: A Holiday Wrap-Up," and an extensive break down of all of the month's homemade gifts! Extending, but not limited to, a nervous and yet pretty successful attempt at sewing a baby onesy by hand:

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