Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jet Setting and Trend Begetting (Because How Often Do You Get to Use the Word "Begetting")

Back in September, I gave a big slobbery thank you to all the Warren Tales supporters around the world, and set up a special offer for custom City Cards. Since then, I have continued to extend my gratitude by updating the cities listed as visitors on Google Analytics--making them not only the hometowns of lovely people, but also eligible for the aforementioned special offer--regularly, if not daily.

You may have even noticed my latest addition to the Warren Tales blog (a sidebar on the bottom right, entitled "Credit Where Credit is Due"), in which case, I hope you have seen your own location appear in thanks.

Above are 3 pieces of a 6-piece set of London, England cards that I'm very proud to have created. The order has been a pleasure to work on, and I look forward to passing them over to their new owners.

In the next few days, I will be heading back across the pond to the Motherland to attend a funeral service, and returning to the hometown of not only this person, but also myself. And so, given the sad nature of my trip, perhaps I will take the opportunity to hand-deliver their package, and hope to see them smile.

Have a good week.

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