Monday, March 19, 2012

All For Books, And Picture Books For All

There once was a mail-sending snail
who told me a rip-roaring tale
of love at first glance
and a stamp with a chance
to deliver this thought without fail.

Everyone loves picture books because they warm the cockles of our hearts. Granted, I'm not entirely sure what cute animals and poetry have to do with a kiln (see origin of the phrase), but by Jove (another funny one), we like 'em!

When I'm not cackling manically over a wizened typewriter and piles of kraft paper late into the night, I have the absolute pleasure of earning my primary income at the adorable hands of these fuzzy-fingered follows--I work in Children's publishing.

As part of my job, I receive printer proofs of upcoming titles, which then get recycled once the book is bound and released. But every now and then I stumble upon artwork that is simply too cute to send the way of the Pulp-Masher-3000, so I remake the pages into something new:

Postcards, Envelopes, and Liners (not pictured), Oh My!

Board Book Postcards (thick cardstock)

Picture Book Envelopes (cut using a Paper-Source envelope template)

I have always been a fan of reusing book elements in my work--for invitations, notebooks, or just about anything I can my hands into, really--and so it's nice to incorporate pages into casual correspondence, also. There are so many things you can do with the materials you find (I can't say I've ever had to purchase my aforementioned kraft paper), and when you keep an eye out, you start seeing the framework of and inspiration for new projects everywhere! Upcycling makes for some very easy, very interesting correspondence, and costs next-to-nothing. . . even if it does turn you into a bit of a hoarder (cue toppling paper-tower of doom).

I'm looking forward to giving a few kid-enthusiasts (AKA still kids at heart) a nice "Happy You" present with these sets, myself. 

And to learn more about great picture books NOT worth cutting up, check out fabulous reviews and commentary at Jackets And Sleeves in the "fight against fluff."

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