Saturday, April 7, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Back in the Fall, while taking a beginner's ceramics class, I made the acquaintance of a truly kind and whimsical older gentleman, Michael, and it wasn't long before our enjoyment of each others' company grew to a friendship outside of the classroom, also. Now, it's been five months since the class concluded, and we still make a point to get together every few weeks--when our schedules allow it--to catch up on good conversation, and eat good food.

An artist in a business man's shoes, and a mind like a Rolodex, bursting with people and experiences, I could listen to his stories for hours. And so I do! (He's been known to sit through a fair amount of my steady ramblings, too, so you know he's got to be awesome haha) In getting to know this amazing individual--40 odd years my senior, and yet to whom I am fascinatingly alike--I have learned so much about myself, and how I want to approach the world.

Michael was a fast fan, and continues to be an avid supporter of Warren Tales. And, the more I heard about his work as a metal-smith and natural material mender (not sure if that makes grammatical sense, but it has a great sound so I'm invoking the jurisdiction of my poetic license!), the more interested I became to see him in action. I had asked him a few months previous if it would be possible for me to commission a new "WT" wax seal for purchase (he was a school-boy of excitement at the idea of wielding a signet ring--more poetating), and although he struggled with logistics, he (secretly) enlisted one of his many stunningly talented friends to help him pull something together. So concludes that at our latest meet-up, he presented me with this gift . . .

The level of detail cast in brass profoundly astounds me--from Warren's bowler hat band, to his tufted tail, and down to the grooved wood grain of his cane.

The brazen beauty in homemade-sealing-waxed action.

And this, here, is the fabulous result of my joy overload.

Sealing tip: place your seal in the freezer for 10 or so minutes before you start, and use a tissue to rub some olive oil over the stamp face to further prevent any sticking. Works like a whole genteel-sized load of charm.

I cannot possibly (thank you) say thank you enough but (thank you) by the time I (thank you) finish this (thank you) thank you, it's possible that I (thank you) would (thank you) have given it a (thank you) decent (thank you) attempt.

And through all of this dumbfounded joy and overflowing gratitude, I can't help but also thank Izak Lazarowski, once again, for giving Warren Tales the undoubtedly dapper face we know and love.

Thank you. Thank you, and goodnight.

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  1. It's actually difficult to articulate how cool this is. I'm speechless. Also Lindsey is so dreamy.