Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Strength of Boston Supporters

I am so pleased and proud to announce that with all of your support and contributions, the Warren Tales Art Fundraiser raised $435 for donation to The One Fund to help the victims of the April 15th Boston bombings. Over the course of the fundraiser week, I shared some wonderful stories of people who's lives were touched by Boston, and in gratitude to the city and those who call it home, I'd like to share them again:

We celebrated with 3 generations of Boston ladies this Mothers Day: My grandparents met at a party in Anne's Commonwealth Ave, 5th floor walk-up apartment. "She had jet black hair and blue blue eyes, and my, she was just so pretty" says Oscar. And the rest is family history.

Emma's first memory of Boston is of being snowed in to the Copley Plaza Hotel during a freak April Fool's blizzard. "Boston is where all my memories are from." She says. "It's where I feel at home."

Sara's parents met, lived, and married in Wellesley, but with a twist of fate (and two young daughters) they were off to California. Despite the distance, Sara was never far from home, and has spent her life rediscovering Massachusetts with great pride in the strength of her Boston Blood.

Sarah and Don met in grad school, and started dating shortly after. Unwilling to part after an early date, they walked the long way home, along the marathon route from Downtown Boston to Brookline, and spent the rest of the evening baking together. As Don describes, "It was love at first pie."

Though heartsick in the wake of last month, Michael sees only love in the City of Boston: "In our 36 years together, Linda and I have followed the route of the Marathon: We started our life in Hopkinton; Made our first home in Framingham; Married and raised four kids in Sherborn; And with our youngest now grown, we've settled happily in Natick. Despite the heartbreaking events of April 15th, people have come together and helped in any way they can and have shown such caring and love for each other that it has pushed the hatred right out of Boston and replaced it with a unity not seen in recent times."

Together, we are all Boston Strong.

The best-selling Boston Paper Cutting Print (see above), as well as the other Boston prints, will still be available on Etsy for purchase as part of Warren Tales' permanent collection. As the fundraiser is now closed, prints will not be signed and proceeds will no longer be donated. Your continued support is sincerely appreciated, and I hope you'll keep Warren Tales and in mind for future purchases.

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