Friday, May 10, 2013

Boston Strong Fundraiser Kick-Off

Like everyone, I was shocked to hear about the Boston bombings in April 15th, 2013. But like slightly fewer people, this attack happened in my neighborhood, by my office building, to my friends, at an event I knew well, and on streets I knew even better. It's been almost a year since I left Boston to pursue new cities and experiences, and the absence of a place I consider home, in itself, was straining; let alone the pain of watching it suffer. Needless to say, I really wanted to do something to help.

For one week, Warren Tales will be selling special edition Boston Strong prints and postcards, from which all proceeds will be donated to The One Fund and the people most affected by the tragic events.

Boston Marathon Route Map
(9" x 16" -- fits nicely within a standard 12" x 18" frame, with/out mat)

This typography-inspired print highlights not only the route of the world's oldest marathon, but calls out the neighborhoods that annually host thousands of runners and supporters in the name of sport and charity, making the Boston Marathon possible and what it is today.

Boston Marathon Route Map Postcard Set
(8 cards at 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" each)
(Also available in 8" x10" prints, sold individually)

Each postcard honors a neighborhood involved in hosting the Boston Marathon. This postcard set makes for beautiful correspondence, commemoration, or decoration.

A print edition of the Boston paper cutting, depicting the city's downtown area
(8" x 8" print; 5" x 5" design)

This print celebrates the thriving City of Boston and includes the famous Boston Common, historical neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill and the North End, and the city's beautiful harbors.

All designs are original works by Warren Tales, and printed on Strathmore 400 Bristol paper stock. They are printed in "Celtics Green" to commemorate Boston's strength and drive. Each print will be marked with the unique tag of "Boston Strong" and the product's edition number out of the total number ordered (example: "Boston Strong 1/100"), to signify the limited charity edition.

Orders will be taken from Saturday May 11th through to the following Saturday, May 18th. As the special edition prints are limited in time, but not quantity, production will continue through the following week, and all orders will be shipped upon completion (no later than Tuesday May 28th). Sales will be processed through Etsy (Link).

You can find up-to-date information about the fundraiser on Facebook, and I encourage you to share the event with friends so as to raise as much money as possible.

Please email with any questions.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!


  1. I am wondering if you will offer more of these after you are caught up with your first set of orders? I would love to order one of the route maps. Life got a little crazy here and I forgot to place my order before the deadline! :(

    1. Hi Charlie,

      I have reopened sales on Etsy, so you will be able to purchase the print. The fundraiser has ended, so it will not be signed "Boston Strong" (I will be updating the product picture to reflect this) and the proceeds will not be donated to The One Fund, but Warren Tales appreciates your enthusiasm and support, and hopes you'll keep your preferred print in mind for purchase. Let me know if you have any questions or requests.

      All the best,