Thursday, April 12, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole...

Warren Tales is dipping its paw gradually further into the vast business waters, by announcing its arrival in the social media forum!

Let's just take a little look-see over at the spiffy new sidebar:

-Follow Warren Tales on Facebook for blog updates, project progress, craft(y) commentary, and real-time offers and announcements.

-Sneak project peeks and find your own inspiration, with a day in the mind of LYW on Pinterest (organized chaos ensues).

Warren Tales' Facebook will announce blog updates for convenience and to help you organize your WT experience, as well as feature ongoing editorial and photographic craft commentary, show project progress, and make shop-related offers and announcements (as well as make you chuckle with witty--and most certainly punny--banter). I have, admittedly, been reluctant become yet another drop in the social media ocean, but I've been thinking about it for some time, and I have a really great, interactive online experience lined up--it'll be a stitch! Ah ha ha . . . for real though, it'll be a good time for everyone involved, and will give me more of a chance to hear directly from you.

Over at Pinterest, you get the chance to see Warren Tales behind-the-scenes, so to speak. This site has become my main brainstorming and inspiration suite, and is chock-full of the cool, beautiful, useful, and generally wonderful images and information that I find while researching. (For anyone cocking their head in confusion at this point, Pinterest is an online visual bulletin board--utilizing images and captions to organize bookmarks and ideas--for a visual learner, like myself, it's pretty much a must). While there is a Warren Tales product board that is updated as projects conclude, the appeal of this opportunity is the immersion into a pool of creative thinkers. This is a great place to see where my hair-brained schemes find their footing, and try out some of your own. The board titles are full of puns, of course, so when you see "Mac & Cheese," think "Kraft" rather than dairy.

So my lovely, loyal readers, step right up! Either, both, or neither are all viable options, as long as I get to keep bantering sweet something-or-others to you and your wonderful, enthusiastic, and equally supportive friends.

Thanks, as always, for your readership, and I look forward to the exciting new opportunities that will develop down the rabbit hole . . .

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