Saturday, April 14, 2012

Move Over, Mark Zuckerberg

 An artist's rendition of emotions felt in the final stretch

After several laughable (in an entirely not-funny kind of way) hours of wrestling with the concept of HTML code--let alone the friggin thing itself--I have emerged triumphant! Result.

So how does this affect you, and why am I taking time and space away from any manner of impending craft-splosions?

Because, dearest and most encouraging reader, now, when you chatter my website across your various forms of popular social media (making troubling animal noises as you go--tweet), or beguile your friends and randomly accumulated email contacts for me with the latest and greatest Warren Tales shenanigans, the link description won't only list a selection of seemingly random (albeit supportive, as mentioned in the Credit Where Credit is Due sidebar) California cities.

Now, the link description will in fact tell this new-found lifelong fan that you are blowing the mind of something useful and indeed descriptive about the business:

Warren Tales has a growing catalog of original handmade card and note sets, journals, sketch books, photo albums, scrap books, and more. My aesthetic is clean. I find inspiration in book arts and hand-made craft, often utilizing found objects to produce a recycled and vintage feel. I am interested in consultations and working with the customer to realize new and creative products.

I give Big Kahuna thanks (get it, Kahuna . . . surfing master) to Greenlava, at Blogger Sentral, for seriously spelling it out for technologically slow-witted people, like me (note the cave drawing).

And I give additional thanks to Mignon Fogarty, at Grammar Girl, for reeducating me on the correct use of "affect" versus "effect" through the effective use of cartoons (as well as for her stellar name). We're all just kids despite our age, after all.

Note: Given the caliber of candid talent showcased in the above doodle, perhaps it's time for said artist to purchase a stylus.

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