Friday, March 15, 2013

Equal Parts Work and Play

While researching web design and bothering every person I have ever know that has been even loosely connected to website building, I visited my friend Isabel Greenberg's online portfolio, only to stumble upon my own face in comic form!

When I traveled across the country, I was delighted to connect with this lifelong British bestie—on a trip through the States, herself—for a chance to share all the American joys I've come to love. This would include hiking, log cabin camping (S'MORES), large novelty foods, and a lot of driving. And as a pseudo work/play project, she ended up turning it into a little Zine diary (I'm the one in the glasses, of course):

Isabel is a fantastic graphic novelist and illustrator: she's amazing, she's talented, she's a wonderful human being, she'll kill me for saying all this, blah blah blah, check her out! She won the Observer Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Prize in 2011 for her beautiful story Love in a Very Cold Climate, and her big debut graphic novel, Encyclopedia of Early Earth, is being published simultaneously in England (Jonathan Cape), Canada (Random House), and the US (Little Brown) in 2014.

I don't think I can actually classify this is "Headline News" publicity for Warren Tales, but it's not every day you get to cameo in a comic! Besides, it's Friday...which means very little when you're self employed haha happy weekend, all!

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